Friday, February 11, 2011

Pretty Pretty Please!

So ready for Spring! ( The pic above is from last Spring, a gorgeous Magnolia tree)

Little Vintage effect!

I bought myself some tulips ( my fave) last week! Need to get some more!

This Buds for you :)

Isn't she so cute! This is Betsy! I took her Senior pics this fall! Like my creation??????

Hope everyone has a Perfect weekend !


Tammy said...

I'm ready for spring too :) I love how creative you were with Betsy's picture !! Hugs and have a great weekend !

Jeremy said...

So ready for some warm weather!!! The pic is awesome!!! You should really put more of you pic's up here...I know I would really like that!!! said...

I need to drop by here more often. You're a great photographer. These photos are gorgeous.
Love to you.

Poppies and Sunshine said...

Happy weekend, gi gi!
I love that last picture. How you made it is so creative :)
I can't wait for spring too! I am so tired of wearing winter clothes! It is snowing right now too!
Have a great weekend! Love ya! xo