Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Black and White Wednesday

( I would make a button, but I don't know how, lol)
love for you to play along!

Ok, Bloggie Friends.... thought it might be fun to dedicate a day to black and white photos!
So, here goes!

Tarzan Girl Myah

Jane Porter: [after being caught in a tree with Tarzan] Now, you stay away from me. Like a very good wild man.
[Tarzan doesn't listen]
Jane Porter: Oh, dear. Oh, dear, oh, dear, OH, dear! Mmm. Yes, thank you.
[pulls away from Tarzan's chest]
Jane Porter: It's a lovely heartbeat. It's very nice.
Tarzan: [imitating Jane] It's very nice.
Jane Porter: [thinking as though he's talking about her hair] Oh, thank you. I can't do a thing with it in this humidity and - you do speak? And all this time I thought you were this big, wild, quiet, silent, person-thing! Hmm! And why didn't you tell me? I mean, I must say I'm rather curious of who you are. I'd love to-
[Tarzan shuts her mouth with his fingers]
Tarzan: [grunts and points to himself] Tarzan.
[Jane looks confused]
Tarzan: Tar-zan!
Jane Porter: Tar-zan?
[Tarzan grunts happily]
Jane Porter: Oh, I see!
Tarzan: [points to self] Tarzan.
[points to Jane]
Tarzan: Oh, I see.
Jane Porter: No, no, no. No. Amph. I'm Jane.
Tarzan: [mimiking her tone and gestures] No, no, no. No. Amph. I'm Jane.
Jane Porter: No, no. Jane. Tarzan. Jane.
Tarzan: [points to Jane] Jane.
Jane Porter: Exactly.

Oh, I use to watch this all the time with Cloe when she was little!

Remember awhile back Jeremy, Myah and I went to the zoo, I think I took a million pics that day, lol!
The gorillas and orangutans are so fun to watch! 
Myah got a big kick out of them, too!
It is kinda hard to get a real clear pic thru the glass, but I did my best!
Hope to get back to the zoo again this summer!
Happy Wednesday!!!


melifaif said...

Okay...I am going to post a B&W pic now...just for you. Let's start this thing. I think you can make a button in photobucket....oh! Speaking of making...I need to send you my pic for a new header. Really...mine is obnoxious!!!!

Poppies and Sunshine said...

Oh Bland and White Wednesday is a great idea! These are fabulous pictures. i wouldn't have known it was through glass!
My graphic design job went well. I was thinking it would be nice to get a job at a graphic design place, but it looks like I'll just have to do freelance work. But, that's ok!
How is your week going? Do you have any fun plans for 4th of July? I might see fireworks at the lake, but otherwise I haven't planned much. It really snuck up on me. I can't believe it's this Monday already!
Have a happy day, gi gi!
Love you! xoxo