Monday, June 13, 2011

"Booked" a Vacation.........

...... to my backyard, lol
get it "booked" ah ha ha! These are the books I have STARTED and need to finish! If you have a chance, I highly recommend Love Wins by Rob Bell! If you have ?'s about Heaven~Hell, you need to read this ( or God)! I am almost done with it, yay!  Four more to go!

Love these lil laterns! Found them at the Dollar Tree.... yep for $1.00

Here is the cushion I found at tj maxx to go with the swing I bought last summer ( in honor of Bumpkin Babe~ Lisa)
As you can see I am going with a tropical feel! This Iowa girl needs some Tropics!
More Dollar Tree finds! Summer Sippin'

 Just love flamingos! Who says they're tacky?......not me!!!!!

I also found this Tommy Hilfiger flamingo beach mat ( tags still on) at the Goodwill last year!

We spend a lot of time in the backyard! 
We had dinner out back tonight and our neighbor Jana joined us!
We just love her!
YAY for Summer!

7 comments: said...

Dear Gi gi, I immediately thought of Bumpkin love when I saw that swing. Then I read what you wrote. That's so special!
I'm glad you're booked in the backyard. That's a great way to spend some time over the summer.
Big hugs and lots of love,

Poppies and Sunshine said...

Hi gi gi! I love your yard! I want to get lanterns like that for my patio. I didn't know the dollar tree had them! Good to know! I was planning on a post soon about making your yard great for a summer night!

I've read Sacred Romance and I love that book! I don't find a book that I want to read that often, but this was one I read through very quickly!

I hope you are still enjoying your summer...with warmer weather! It's been getting to the 90s finally here. And I've heard next week might be in the triple digits!
I hope you get to see Jeremy like you said you might!
Have a great week! Love ya lots! xoxo

Tammy said...

I LOVE the lanterns !! Great finds sister :) I may need to make a quick trip to come see ya ! AND spend time in your backyard paradise !!!

melifaif said...

Look at you....that is like a tropical oasis!!!! And I wanna come over. **in my best Layla-"that's not fair"-voice**

Seriously though....I do need to plan a fall/winter trip up for me and Layla. Plan it NOW...and it'll happen! I really need to make this happen Gi.

melifaif said...

p.s. LOVE that you purchased a swing for our bumpkin babe!!!! Wanna swing with you and chat about her....

drollgirl said...

what bright and beautiful pictures!

and thank you for the book recommendations! :)

Silver Strands said...

I also have a small stack of books that I'm in the middle of reading ... summertime is the best for me to catch up on reading.