Wednesday, July 27, 2011

B&W Wednesday~ 313

Happy Hump Day and Black and White Wednesday!
Here are a few more Detroit  (Tha D) pics  for ya!

GM Renaissance Center
Mr. Kyle looking pretty cool in that ride!
Motor City Baby!
Um.... not a car you want your 16 year old to be driving.

I think it is more of a "MOM" kind of car! Ah ha ha

Here we are in Jeremy's Durango in the Starbucks parking lot getting our thug ( dork) on ! Getting ready to roll down 8 mile ah ha ha
Jeremy being all ....Jeremy and me giving the look of  "What is he doing behind me?"
Myah's Ride..... Jeremy. Who else would lug her around tha  D?!

Ok, here is my ride .....  they seem just a tad irritated at my constant need to get out and snap pics. Apparently the light is green and everyone is waiting for lil ole me. My bad!!!

I cut myself out of this pic ( not a great pic of me, no thanks) but my Love is Smokin' Hot!!!
Have a Super Duper Day!


melifaif said...

Cute!!!!! And um, yeah - KYLE!!!! He has a very Channing Tatum look to him in that car. Beware momma....beware. And get ready...although you probably already are!!!

Jeremy said...

You're Smokin’ HOT!!! I really like that Miss Thang is in the background of the pic, w/you in the car…and you two “white devils” were defiantly lookin hard in the Ville @ the Bucks!!! 8 Mile is rough out in the burbs..MUHAHA!!!

Tammy said...

You and Kyle look pretty cool in the sports car :)
Love the photo of Jeremy carrying Myah !!!!
Great black n whites !

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Gigi, YOU ARE SO DD GORGEOUS!!!! Look at you woman! Were you a model????? YOUR PHOTOS ARE unbelievably beautiful and so professional looking!!! AHHHH....I so do NOT know how to use a camera! But your kind words to me are very much appreciated and I am so glad we have met! YOU MAKE THE WORLD COLORFUL AND HAPPY!

THANK YOU DEAREST for visiting me!!! GROSSES BISES! Anita

Poppies and Sunshine said...

Hi gi gi! These black and white photos are great! Love that architecture as always :) And all those pictures of you and your kids and love are all adorable!
How has your week been?
It seems like a long week so far....which I am not complaining because I love when a week goes by slowly!
Love you! xoxo

drollgirl said...

i am liking your detroit shots!

i am not liking the music so much, but it is making me laugh! lol

Aarthi said...

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Hazel Schreiner said...

What a fabulous trip!! Love, love... LOVE!! The family is so cute, looks hot (loving that summer dress you are wearing!)

Hope you are happy and well, late Sept sound FABULOUS for the guest post!!

Enjoy the rest of your summer!!!!!!!

:) Hazel