Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dancing Dog!

Hello Bloggie Friends! Anyone still with me? I know it's been awhile! Life has been busy!  Last week Jeremy came to spend the week ( YAY!!!!). He brought his dog Solomon!  What a great Dog he is, we all fell in love with him!  I do think Myah was the most excited to have a dog for a week. She had so much fun walking him, giving him water and treats, hugging and giving him kisses!
In honor of the dance recital (last week) we decided  Solomon  needed  to join in the fun with a tutu. Jeremy first said "NO, he is a BOY", but we know who is Boss..... yes, ME :)

Last night my little sidekick Myah and I picked some
and made a pie!
I have to say it was the best Rhubarb pie I have ever made!
( maybe it was Myah's touch :)
And I make one every year!
Just love Rhubarb!