Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A December to Remember ( part one)

Holy Crap this month went SUPER FAST!
I think this year went even faster!

So, thought I'd share some highlights from December!
Here is part one :)

The beginning of the month  Jeremy (my cousin) and Ben (my cousin~ in law)
had a little Christmas get together!
What a wonderful time we had!

Ben trying to make me laugh!
He's Sexy and he knows it! LOL!!!!

Jeremy , Jeremy and Blair

Glen, Gary and Ben!

Blair and John
Jeremy and Sheri

Alec, Sheri and Ben
Jeremy looking a lil sloshed!
think it had something to do with this

Ben and Jeremy had gifts for us all .... so generous
( we all picked a number , you know that game,  right?)
Almost all the gifts were alcohol related except for two....
So look who got a candle, ah ha ha

Here's what I got

Guess who had a Birthday?.... Jeremy ( my Jeremy )
The girls and I  had so much fun getting everything all put together!

"Georgia, no pictures!"
Ya right Jeremy!
not the girls, they love the camera
Jeremy is def. the "chick" in our relationship. lol! Always wanting to talk about our feelings, he he! I like to give him a hard time and tell him to  get out his journal. So, I was so excited to find these Self Therapy worksheets  at Pier I

I made him a book from Snapfish. Jeremy and Georgia's Big Adventure
Just some pics from over the year and a few faves from along the way!

 so there you have part one
stay tuned for part two!