Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Having a BLAST!!!!!

Well, Summer is in full swing!
Let the good times roll!
Hope you all are enjoying your Summer so far!

Here are some pics of Miss Myah at Blastball ( an intro to t-ball)

Here she is pointing her lil finger at Jeremy!
Making sure he is watching her EVERY move!

pretty good lil catcher!

She is out to WIN!
Little excited! Let's just chuck the ball! ha ha
Ok, this pic look a little incriminating, ha ha! I am happy to report it didn't hit her!
Hm, maybe we need to work on our aim just a bit!
Just look at her with her lil skip in her step!
Determined, Confident, Energetic,
a true Athlete!


Jeremy said...

Great pics!!! She is the BEST little Blast Baller!!!

VM Creation Atelier said...

Aahhh...........so wonderful photos,GiGi,sweetheart!!!

Adorable images and SO fantastic cool little girl:-)))*

Love to you,my dear girlfriend!


Bad Taste Toast said...

Cuuuute photos, it really looks like you had a blast there :)
The last photo is amazing, I love the attitude she radiates!

Tammy said...

Love love love all the photos !!! THanks for sharing :) Love you and give little miss thing a big hug from all of us !!!

Red Rose Alley said...

Hello Gigi,
Myah looks so determined on the field, especially in the last picture. I remember my son's baseball games and cheering him on every time. Are you having a nice summer in Iowa? It's not too hot yet here in California, but I think I'd much rather be in Iowa - such a great place to live. Enjoy the baseball games. Let me know if Myah hits a home run! hehe
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

melifaif said...

Watch out!!! Go Myah...love hwo she was pinting at you.

melifaif said...

how...she...was...pointing....at you!!! Geesh...lol

Jawed Ali said...

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