Monday, July 23, 2012

June .... I didn't forget you!

Well, here it is the end of July and I am finally sharing some of our
June adventures!
This summer is going just too fast!
I guess it usually does, huh!

This year Auston, Myah and I did the Mud Run!
What a good  time!
I think we will have to make it an annual thing!

Myah and I ran together in the "Muddy Buddy Run." A run designed for the lil runner !
All the kids got a medal, but Miss Myah is convinced she was the winner!

Miss Muddy Myah!
She had a ball!

Um, be nice to the boys..... or knock em down!
It's all part of the fun!

Austy, don't look so thrilled, ha ha!

We made some friends!
Hope to see them at the Color Run in October!

You go gurl!!!!!

    Also on the June Agenda....
the Zoo!
The Blank Park Zoo!
I had won free tickets thru a local radio station!
It was a good time!

Look at that sweet face!

Ya have to ride the lil train when you go to the zoo!

Hey, give me a kiss pretty boy!

Aw, she loves Jer Bear

I just love Flamingos!
So gorgeous!
Oh, and the Peacock is pretty fantastic too!

Well, maybe by the end of August I'll get the July Adventures on here!
Thanks for coming by and


flowersandhome said...

Did that peacock pose for you or not????!!!!! Wow! Or had you been waiting and waitind and... mmm... no, don't think so ;-) Your june adventures made me smile. Looking forward to the july ones.

drollgirl said...

well it looks like SOMEBODY is having a fabulous summer!

did TIDE sponsor the mud event? lol it must have been hilarious!

and the zoo pics are fab, too!!!!

Red Rose Alley said...

Oh fun times Gigi! You know, Jess and Nel did the mud run. They had some fantastic pictures all covered in mud. Myah looks so sweet with her painted face. Is the peacock the most gorgeous bird or what? This picture you took is a beauty. I saw some peacocks at the zoo, and it was as if they were posing for me while I took the pictures. Jess loves the flamingos - another fabulous bird. I hope your summer days are fun. Enjoy the weekend!
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

Jeremy said...

Great pics and "per the ussee" you are BEAUTIFUL!!!

melifaif said...

What a fun time!?! Wish we coulda been there!!! :) Fabulous pics...

Jawed Ali said...

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